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Just Marathoned through 13 episodes of BACCANO! today. I think I am in love.

Now to catch up with Durarara!!

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Isn't Claire the awesomest axe crazy among the most awesome axe crazies?

(Just to let you know, there are three other episodes which went straight to DVD, and YOU NEED TO WATCH THOSE. CAPSLOCK FOR A REASON)

He is! Its amazing how varied the characters are. I have to confess and say I absolutely adore Isaac and Miria. As well as Jacuzzi.

Oh yes I checked wiki and saw there where three more episodes so now I am pretty much hunting for those episodes until I can buy them. :)

OMG I know. They are such random bunch of misfits you just cannot put them anywhere else. The beauty of anime ♥♥

Yes, it really is a gem of a series. I love it!

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